Dream It. Plan It. Live It.

Plan A Space

Do you love DIY home design?...
The Village Shoppe now offers a great tool to help you design the perfect space!

Plan A Space is an innovative new addition to the DIY and design industry: Life size furniture templates that are convenient and painless, allowing anyone who uses them to see the space they are creating in real time.

Put an end to the headache of designing a space. No more graph paper. No more moving around heavy furniture. No more complicated computer programs or cumbersome magnetic boards. This is designing your dream in real time.

Plan A Space kits are pre-printed templates that are placed on the floor and can easily be moved around any room, allowing people to visualize the best layout for a space in their home without having to move actual furniture over and over again. Lay the templates out, sit on them, stand on them, dream with them - then live the space you've imagined.

Watch Example Video here!

Templates are available for:
Living Spaces                         Media Spaces
Dining Spaces                        Baby Spaces
Sleeping Spaces                    Patio Spaces
Office Spaces                         Wall Spaces

Living Space Example

Step #1: Choose the correct Plan A Space templates for the room you are designing.

Step #2: Clear your space

Step #3: Cut out the correct size for each of your furniture pieces and lay them on the floor. Rearrange the pieces until you find the perfect placements!

Step #4: Replace the templates with your actual furniture pieces, and enjoy living in your well-designed space!

Come by The Village Shoppe to purchase your Plan A Space tube, and start designing your dream space today!

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