Bring Your Interiors to Life

By Janessa Running

By the time we reach the end of winter,  our homes can often feel bland and in need of some design inspiration. However, with Spring on its way, there is no better time to add a splash of color to your dwelling place. Whether the changes you make are subtle or bold -- a new piece of art, a painted wall or piece of furniture, or even just a couple of patterned toss pillows -- these changes will go a long way in bringing life back into your home. Take a look at these tips!

Tip #1Add a bold color to a piece of accent furniture to catch your attention and add interest to an otherwise boring space, such as at the end of a hallway, in a corner or behind a  door, as in this photo. The bright green color of the cabinet adds a fun twist to a classic piece. (Also, take note of the mosaic tile floor and patterned wallpaper which add visual texture).


Tip #2: Hang a large canvas or framed piece of art on your wall with bright colors or a bold pattern. This canvas creates a beautiful color contrast, while sharing a hint of the same dark color as the wall. The abstract style adds movement and playfulness to the room's elegant style. (Take note of the brightly upholstered mid-century chair as well! Re-upholstering an old chair in a colored or patterned fabric is another great way to give more energy to a space).


Tip #3: Don't forget your ceiling! Draw the eye upward and make your space feel larger, by painting your ceiling with an unexpected and eye-catching color, as in this bathroom. The Large mirror reflects the natural light and bounces the blue color of the ceiling around the space. Adding patterned ceiling tiles is a great way to incorporate texture in a room as well!


Tip #4: Consider painting your kitchen cabinets to make your kitchen a more inviting space, and one that you enjoy spending time in. This kitchen's aqua-colored cabinets bring a sense of calm, and create an artistic frame for the assortment of items featured behind the glass-paneled doors. Adding a lively color or a pattern to the insides of your cabinets makes for a fun surprise each time you open the doors.


Tip #5: Update your space with wall paper in a large print, if you are feeling up for a bigger commitment.This gorgeous garden rose wallpaper in giant print, creates an elegant sophistication when paired with the clean lines of the off-white love seat.


Tip #6: Painting your doors is a wonderful way to add personality to your home's front entrance, as well as to the entrance of each interior space.

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