Rejuvenate your Landscape

The ground is thawing and its time to think about what you will be planting this growing season! Wintergreen Boxwoods are a hardy and attractive evergreen that can add great interest to your home's landscape. And the best part is that you can enjoy them year-round. 

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Green Tower Boxwood (6 Gallon) : $56
Green Mountain Boxwood (5 Gallon): $29
Green Mountain Boxwood Globe (10 Gallon): $59
Green Mountain Pyramid (5 Gallon): $39

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     Wintergreen Boxwood

Cold-hardy Wintergreen Boxwood, also known as Korean Boxwood, is an incredibly versatile and popular addition to landscape design. No matter the setting, be it formal or casual, this shrub consistently exceeds expectations.
Foliage is bright green when new, and darkens slightly with age. Oval leaves are small and delicate, lending a finely-textured look and feel to this ornamental shrub.
This evergreen beauty responds well to pruning and is commonly shaped into globes, boxes, or ovals. When grouped, Wintergreen complements most any garden design and looks fantastic in decorative pots for accent on a deck or patio.
When planted in a row the Wintergreen Boxwood becomes a hedge that can be squared off or rounded to create a neat and attractive border or foundation accent. It's not uncommon to see this hedge used as a backdrop for showy centerpiece plants in the garden.
If yard space is limited, the compact size of the Wintergreen Boxwood provides a perfectly proportioned design element for a clean natural look. This dense shrub performs like a superstar when shaped into topiary designs or even bonsai art.
Don't hesitate to flank your driveway or walkway border with a row of Wintergreen Boxwood, as it truly gives an elegant look at a small cost. Wintergreen also pairs well to offset perennial flowers and roses for a quintessential English garden look.
Slow-growing Wintergreen Boxwood typically gains only 2-3 inches annually, maturing to heights of about 3 feet with a 4-5 foot spread. If left to grow naturally, this low-growing shrub takes on a toadstool mushroom shape.
Thriving in most regions of the U.S., the Wintergreen Boxwood even maintains its bright green color during winter months when other boxwoods can yellow. When other shrubs have lost their shine in winter, Boxwood keeps its delightful green glow.
Adaptable to most soil types, pest, deer and disease resistant and super easy to grow--this shrub is a smart choice for any landscaping design. Boxwoods are hardy for even the beginner gardener!

 Article by Fast-Growing-Trees