Tips For Designing An Aesthetically Pleasing Outdoor Retreat

By Janessa Running

As the weather hints at summertime, we are drawn out of doors to enjoy the warm sunshine and the chirping birds. This spring and summer, enjoy God's beautiful creation from a well-designed outdoor retreat. If you are unsure of where to start, take a look at these helpful tips and stop by our shop to pick up your outdoor items to create an inviting, fun, and aesthetically pleasing patio.

Tip #1 Use Texture From Plants

In the absence of fabric or hardscape, plants can be a great way to add living decor to an patio space. Intermix grasses and foliage-focused plants for a variety in both hue and texture.

Tip #2 Add a Water Feature

A small fountain or birdbath makes a great focal point.  They are also great for drawing birds and butterflies, and lending a soothing sound.

Tip #3 Use The Color Wheel For Guidance and Choose Contrasting Patterns to Add Interest

If you are unsure of how to choose colors for your fabrics and furniture, start by using the color wheel.  Mix contrasting patterns to give an eclectic or whimsical feel to your space.

Tip #4 Focus on Accents and Ornamentation

Change the style of your outdoor space every season, by changing out accessories. Candelabra or vases make a great focal point on a dining or side table.

Tip #5 Use Outdoor Rugs to Ground your Space

Outdoor rugs are trending, and for good reason! Whether you choose a pattern or solid color, rugs are a great way to add visual weight to design your patio space upon.

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Tip #6 Add Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting makes a patio festive, as well as more useful in the evenings. Once you string up some lights, you will most likely be spending the majority of your evenings outdoors in your patio retreat.