New Camping Cooking Style

Why does camp food have to be limited to hot dogs and marshmallows?  As a mom and wife who loves to cook and is not afraid of trying new things, I have made it a goal to try something new each time we go camping to slowly switch out the boring camp food we've been eating for the past seven years of our camping life together.  We camp a lot so I've had many chances to do this.  The latest three are from a new category of camp food that is becoming my favorite.  Foil pockets.  This started when I combined chicken, onions, bell peppers and mushrooms in a foil square and folded it up tight and cooked it in the fire embers.  This was AMAZING!  All the flavors combined and the slow cooking process kept everything so tender!  The best part was I cut up everything and put them in foil squares at home and in the cooler they went.  No prep up in the woods and no mess to clean up after!  On our latest camping trip a couple of weeks ago, I tried three new recipes I found on Pinterest.  They were all so good I've decided to share them with you!   The greatest part of all of these recipes is that I did all the prepping at home!

Campfire Blueberry Orange Muffins

This was a huge hit.  Who would expect fresh muffins in the woods!  The orange peels gave a great flavor to the blueberry muffins.  I cut the oranges in half and took out the fruit and set aside, then I made my blueberry muffin mix (you can make homemade or a box mix) and added 1 cup of the orange that I pureed.  Next, you spoon the blueberry mix into one half of an orange and top with the other half.  Continue until you use up all of your mix.  I used one boxed muffin mix and 8 large oranges.  Then I wrapped them in foil and in the cooler they went ready to be thrown in the fire and cooked.  I learned that getting your fire going again in the morning and then cooking these, that it would take a good hour plus to cook.  They need to be turned every 20 minutes or so and the closer to the fire you can get them, the better.  They won't burn inside.  The foil might get black and the peel might burn a bit but the moisture in the peel keeps the muffin safe!  The muffins are supper moist when done and delicious!

You can check out the origination of this recipe here:

Onion Bombs

This is a great one for the meatloaf loving family.  I followed the recipe I found on pinterest but if you have a meatloaf recipe that your family loves you could easily swap theirs for yours.  The recipe can be found here:

Three Cheese Potatoes

We paired these potatoes with grilled steak and sweet corn for a perfect summer dinner.  I also prepped these entirely at home and with the steak and corn not needing much prep, it left almost no mess to clean up afterward.  I cooked these potatoes on the grill but I'm sure they could be done in the fire with a longer cooking time.  The recipe calls for medium sized potatoes and the choice of bacon or ham.  I used fingerling potatoes that I cubed up and opted for bacon.  They are a family favorite and worked great which makes me think any potato would work.  Another thing I altered about this recipe was I left off the mozzarella and cheddar cheese added at the end.  It was so flavorful with the parmesan cheese, onions and bacon.  So experiment with your family's liking and make your own version!

Find the original recipe here: