So many beds, so few hours to sleep!

As the centerpiece of any bedroom, the bed sets the design tone for the room.  Are you seeking a traditional design with a sleigh bed?  Or a contemporary clean lined look?  How about a four poster bed or the newly popular upholstered bed?  With so many styles available, where do you start?  For most furniture hunters, inspiration comes from photos.  Whether you saw something in a magazine or on a commercial, it caught your eye and can lead you in the design direction pleasing to the most important thing: you!  Take a look at these popular bed categories to get started on your bed hunt!


Upholstered Beds

Try mixing tufting into the design for a detailed look.

Upholstery doesn't have to mean fabric.  Leather can change the look of any piece of furniture including your bed.

This is a great mix of wood, upholstery and detail.  The geometric shapes on the headboard make this a truly unique bed.

Love your wing back chair?  How about adding that design detail to your bed?

Wooden Beds

If details are your liking, carved wood beds might be for you!  This one tends to be on the traditional side.

The carved squares and straight lines give this a contemporary feel.

This bed gives the feel of a sleigh bed but updates it by only using the sleigh style on the headboard.

Reclaimed wood is everywhere offering relief on the environment and a trending design style.

Simplicity lends a hand to other design elements in the room.  Dress it up with bold patterned bedding or an over the top chandelier.

The mix of distressed wood and casters put this bedroom into the industrial category.

Iron Beds

Traditional Iron beds give a vintage feel to the bedroom.

Here is a twist on the iron bed.  Adding the hammered metal makes this bed one to turn heads!

How about two of these in your kids room or at a vacation property for sleeping extra people?

Putting a daybed in an office adds an extra place for a visitor to sleep.  Adding a trundle bed adds two places for visitors!

A contemporary spin by combining iron and upholstery.

With our iron beds from Wesley Allen, there are so many options.  Such as headboard and footboard, headboard only, canopy, and in this case return posts.  All things that should be thought about before you purchase your bed configuration.

Here is a canopy bed with sleek lines leading it's contemporary design.