Design a Pleasing Paradox

By Janessa Running

In a great design, creative tension is always present. Explore the push of modern materials against the pull of traditional forms to find the ideal relationship between shape and color, detail and texture.
Below are the
 details on how to properly mix modern and classic elements in your own spaces.  Come into our shop to view furnishings of both modern and classic styles, and everything in between!

Photo and credit goes to Four Hands

1. Use Clean Lines.

We love renewing traditional design elements with fresh shapes and materials. Modern staples like clean-lined upholstery anchor a room while adding comfort. Mix in warm woods with artisan finishes or vintage accents. Both set the stage for found objects, giving you the freedom to add unique treasures without the look becoming fussy. 

Cannon sectional in stock and available for order in different fabrics at The Village Shoppe

2. Add eye-catching art.

Add a layer of personality to your look with thoughtful art choices. Landscapes, animals, portraiture — just follow your passion. Mix traditional oil paintings with fresh photography or abstract images for a dynamic effect. Hang in unconventional groupings — some in frames and some in raw form — for a youthful feel that retains an air of cultured sophistication.

This piece of art and many others are available at The Village Shoppe!

3. Try a little texture.

Art installations offer dramatic dimension and texture without overwhelming a space, especially when paired with substantial, statement-making furniture pieces. 

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4. Drama is afoot.

Play with pattern on the floor. We love antique, hand-knotted one-of-a-kind vintage Turkish rugs — used singly or layered for drama — as well as over-dyed, whitewashed, and Kilims. Sprawling designs in neutral hues and shades of black create a dramatic stage for showing off furnishings. Try mixing high and low-cut piles for extra dimension.

These rugs, as well as hundreds of others available at the village shoppe

5. Bring outside in.

Natural elements add fresh, youthful energy to any space. From color-blocking techniques to unpredictable, vibrant sprays to low, repeated arrangements, creativity rules. Mix in eccentric, lesser-used flora like artichoke, curly willow, or cactus to intrigue the eye anew. 

Fresh foliage, as well as silk foliage and flowers available at The Village Shoppe!

Photo and credit goes to Four Hands